For any questions not listed here please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to take questions via phone, email or social media. There’s no silly question, I’m available to help in any way I can.

Yoga questions

What should I wear for yoga sessions?

Something comfortable that’s easy to move in e.g. leggings and t-shirt.

What should I bring to a yoga session?

Some water would be great, but I will provide a yoga mat and any props we may use, unless told otherwise.

What is the cost?

Please see the package details page for the costs, they vary depending on what specific service you require.

I’ve never done yoga before; is that OK and will I like it?

It’s absolutely fine for a beginner to participate in my sessions. I tailor the sessions to your needs and abilities, so I imagine you will love it and I will tweak the sessions until they suit your needs perfectly.

I’m not flexible, I can’t even touch my toes!

That’s ok, it’s a myth that to practice yoga you should be able to do these things. I love this saying, “saying you’re not flexible enough for yoga, is like saying you’re too dirty to take a bath”.

I’m breastfeeding, can I practice yoga?

Yes, it’s not a problem. You can stop at any point to feed your baby if needed. It’s your session and I will work with your requirements. I will ensure you’re not lying on your front, as this can compress your breast and can be uncomfortable when breastfeeding. 

My baby may cry/need feeding during a session, what should I do?

Do whatever you need to do, feed, cuddle, rock to sleep, do whatever you would normally do. Your baby’s needs are paramount and must be priority.

How do I contact you and book sessions?

Please feel free to get in contact via any of the methods below or the contact form on the home page

Phone: 07920 212 669




Am I being taught by a qualified and insured teacher?

I’m fully insured with a company called Balens and here are some of the qualifications and certificates:


  • Birth and Postnatal Doula with Birth Bliss Academy
  • BTEC National Diploma in Childhood studies
  • EDEXCEL Levels 2 and 3 BTEC Certificates in Life Coaching Skills and Practice
  • Pregnancy, Postnatal and Mother and Baby Yoga Teacher Training with Sally Parkes Yoga
  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Teacher Training Essex
  • Hot Yoga Teacher Training with 121 Urban Hot Yoga
  • Breastfeeding Peer Supporter with Barnardo’s Virgin Care
  • Anatomy and Physiology for Yoga with Essential Training Solutions
  • Antenatal preparation workshop with Birth Bliss Academy
  • First aid
I’m heavily pregnant and can’t move around as much as I could in earlier pregnancy, will I still be able to join in and benefit from yoga with such a big bump?

I’m used to teaching people who are 40 week pregnant and beyond. You will definitely benefit from yoga at this stage, maybe even more than earlier in your pregnancy. You can do as little or as much as you want, and I will adapt the moves to accommodate your growing bump and abilities.

Birth Doula questions

Will a doula at my birth intrude on our family time?

Not at all, I will be there when you need me, and I will step back when you want time together. I want you to bond and connect with each other and I wouldn’t stand in the way of those precious moments. I will encourage any birth partner to be involved, nobody will ever be left out.

Why do doulas charge what they do?

Other than the items listed in the birth doula section you have to bear in mind I could be with you for 24 hours through a birth, I will be on call for many weeks, I will research specific pregnancy and baby related topics for you and send you information. You will have access to my doula bag of tricks, and I will be there for your every need. I have a back up system in place (for my family) and we all put our lives on hold during the on-call period, so that I can support you in the best way possible. Doula’s do a lot of work to prepare antenatal sessions and work behind the scenes to create a bespoke experience for you. It’s certainly not a case of turning up at the birth and then going home again. A huge amount of time, energy and thought will be put into my time with you.

Is it not enough to have my birth partner accompany me?

You can certainly have your birth partner with you but sometimes people require some extra support from a professional. There is a lot of research into the use of a doula and the benefits are huge. You can read about the benefits of using a doula at Evidence Based Birth https://evidencebasedbirth.com/the-evidence-for-doulas/

What if I have to have a cesarean birth, will you be there?

A doula can still be very beneficial if you’re having a caesarean birth. In most hospitals it’s not possible to have 2 people with you in theatre, but it’s certainly worth asking at the time. If your birth partner can’t go into theatre with you then I am very happy to be by your side. I would still help support and prepare you beforehand at the hospital, we can still have our antenatal sessions, we can still discuss topics such as skin to skin (yes, this is still possible if you are having a caesarean), we can still work on breathing techniques and releasing stress, I will hold space for your whilst you are in theatre and support you afterwards, maybe with establishing feeding or if you and your baby are separated for a while I can go with your baby if that’s your wish. A doula can support in many ways through any type of birth.

What if the baby arrives before the doula?

This is why it’s paramount to keep in contact with me as soon as you think you’re in labour. It’s important that I know about every little twinge and contraction, as I’d be devastated to miss your birth through lack of information. Remember I’m on call for 24 hours a day from 2 weeks prior to your due date and want you to call me any time of day or night. More details of this are listed in the terms and conditions in my contract.

Can I get testimonials and/or references?

Please ask if you’d like references and I will send something over to you.

What do I do if I’m not happy with the service?

Please do speak to me if you are unhappy with the service being provided or how our relationship is evolving, I’d like to try and work things out to provide you with the experience you want. If the situation cannot be resolved I’m a member of Doula UK and adhere to their terms and conditions and code of conduct. If you feel the need to make a complaint you can do this via the Doula UK website.

What happens if my birth lasts for days, will you stay the whole time?

Generally, I will join you once you’re in established labour. Early labour can last for a long time and if I was there from the first contraction, I wouldn’t be at my best for the time of your birth. If you need my support slightly earlier, I will come and join you, but we can discuss this and make a decision together. If I’m with you for a long time, for example 24 hours, we will need to think about a short break, so I can be on top form for the birth.

Postnatal Doula questions

When should we book you, before the baby has arrived or afterwards?

At either point is fine, I’m happy to take bookings before the birth or afterwards. If you have interest in booking my services, then it might be worth having a chat sooner rather than later, in case I get booked by another family. We can have a chat and the decision is yours regarding when to book.

When do you start?

Whenever you want. I can come and be with you in your home from the day of birth, or from any point after that. It’s your choice and you just need to let me know. Generally a doula is either booked to start a few days after birth until around 6-8 weeks or sometimes when a birthing persons partner returns back to work, usually when the baby is 2 weeks old, but it’s really your choice.

What does a postnatal doula do?

It’s hard to answer this question as it’s a bespoke service that will be tailored to your needs. Please do read the page about my postnatal doula services and if you have any further questions about any specific tasks then let me know.

How long will you stay?

Generally, as long as you want me to, but my aim is to talk myself out of a job! I will support you until you feel confident enough to no longer need my support. Most doulas work with a family from around the time of birth until 6-8 weeks, sometimes this can be much less or much longer, it all depends on your personal situation and needs.

How will I ever manage without you?

Don’t worry, I will make sure you feel confident before I leave. I come armed with loads of information on extra support services if you need them. We can even do things like going to mother and baby groups together, so you can build up a community of mummy friends before I leave. I will also still be on the end of the phone if you need anything.

How often can you come?

This can be discussed and will depend how many other jobs, if any, that I have on at the time. I can come for a few hours a week, or much longer. Please do have a think about what you need, and we can talk it through. You can always add extra hours as we go along, if you feel you need more support.

How does a postnatal doula differ to a nanny?

The roles are very different, but a lot of people get confused with this one. A doula’s job is to work with the mother and support her in her journey to motherhood. A nanny would take sole care of the baby, generally whilst the parents were out. I’m happy to spend some of my time caring for your baby, if you’d like to sleep for a short period, take a shower etc, but I will generally work alongside the family. My job is to empower you into feeling confident in your new parenting role, so at some point in the near future we can say goodbye and you can continue to thrive as a family.