Mum & Baby Yoga

Mother & Baby Yoga

A lovely happy session intended to intensify the bond between parent and baby.

Physically beneficial for the parent, as well as the baby, and wonderful to help calm, connect and relax together. These sessions will be a lot of fun for both of you, including an exciting sensory experience for your baby. You will learn some rhymes with actions, soothing touch for your baby and some yoga moves that will benefit your postnatal recovery.

We will also work on recovery for any diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and practice pelvic floor exercises. There could still be a lot of the hormone relaxin in your body, which can cause aches and pains due to your joints being less stable. We will work on stabilising and strengthening your body.

Baby yoga is proven to help babies feel safe and secure and they respond positively to the power of touch and movement. It’s also fantastic for helping your baby sleep and to alleviate digestive issues

These sessions will be led by your baby. If they need to sleep, feed or need a cuddle then we will work around them. If sleeping, we will do some postnatal yoga without baby, until they wake.

There is always an opportunity to chat to other new parents and to ask me any questions to utilise my knowledge as a postnatal doula and breastfeeding peer supporter.


Mother and baby classes

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Mother and baby yoga details

Available from:

    • 6 weeks following an “issue free” vaginal birth
    • 10 weeks following a vaginal birth with intervention (forceps, episiotomy, ventous, tearing)
    • 10/12 weeks following a caesarean birth

To be discussed before commencement

You will need to have completed your 6 week GP postnatal check-up and given the go ahead to exercise before any sessions can begin. Please remember your safety is paramount.

Mother and baby doing yoga

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