Some facts!

Did you know that birthing in an upright position can open the pelvis up to 30% more?


There are a huge amount of benefits to upright and active birthing, here are a few more…


  • 25% less likely to have forceps or vacuum assisted birth
  • 25% less likely to have an episiotomy
  • 54% less likely to have abnormal foetal heart rate pattern
  • 29% less need for an emergency caesarean birth


Active birth yoga session (1.5 hours)

This is a yoga class with a twist! We will work with yoga positions, that will benefit you during all the stages of your labour and birth.

This session will include:

  • Optimum foetal positioning – what is it and how to encourage it (before and during birth)
  • Active birth positions (45 min / 1 hour of yoga moves to support you through birth)
  • Benefits of movement during labour and birth
  • Breathing for birth
  • Handouts to take away 

£60 per 1.5 hour class (private class)

Please be comfortably dressed for this workshop as we will practice breathing techniques and a variety of positions, so ease of movement is essential.


 “Very good class. Explained everything really well. Knew all the positions and names, and didn’t seem nervous, well done” – Karen 


Active birth antenatal workshops (6 hours)

We will cover a lot of information during this workshop but there will be a strong emphasis on physiological birth, natural coping mechanisms, upright and ‘natural’ birthing. There is short section on medical pain relief, but this is not something we will focus on. However, I’m happy to answer any questions you have, on any pregnancy and birth topic.

This workshop will take approximately 6 hours, but this depends on how interactive the group is, how many people are in the group, if it’s a private session, how many breaks we have and how quickly we get through each module. Please allow 1 whole day or 2 half days.

You will receive a 50 page manual to keep, covering all of the subjects we discuss during the workshop. You will also be able to contact me any time afterwards if you have any questions.

This workshops include:

  • Feelings about birth
  • Where to birth
  • Birth physiology
  • The hormones for birth and the pain cycle
  • The stages of labour – a detailed guide
  • The early stages of labour and the latent phase
  • Birth preferences (writing a birth plan)
  • Optimum foetal positioning (OFP) and Yoga for OFP
  • Coping mechanisms (we will discuss many types of non-medical pain management e.g. water, TENS, aromatherapy, massage, positions and more)
  • Evidence and upright birthing positions
  • Backache in labour
  • Breathing for birth
  • Birth affirmations
  • Top tips to alleviate birth related anxiety
  • Medical pain relief
  • Using the BRAIN acronym
  • How can I tell if breastfeeding is going well? Plus, many leaflets on breastfeeding
  • If there is time I will add a practical element to the workshop, in the form of a guided relaxation, affirmations, breathing practice and a yoga demonstration to use before and during birth 

£180 per 6 hour workshop (private class, for the birthing person plus birth partner)

Coming soon: Group Active Birth Preparation Workshops 

“Knowledge is power! Gain the knowledge and birth like a warrior” 

Postnatal workshops (4 hours)

This is a workshop in the comfort of your own home, after your baby has arrived. It can be hard to settle into your new way of life and a supportive pair of hands can be very useful to help set you on the right track. This workshop differs to my postnatal doula service, as it’s a one-off appointment. I will come and work with your family for a 4 hour period and I will support you in any area that you feel would be beneficial. Some areas where I find new parents regularly need support are: 

  • Breastfeeding/Formula feeding
  • Nappies and knowing what’s “normal”
  • Health, growth and development
  • Confident parenting and handling of your baby
  • Bathing
  • Safety in the home, including, safer sleep guidelines and hazards
  • Getting out and about
  • Self care
  • Sleep
  • Routines or a baby led approach
  • Postnatal depression

 £120 per 4 hour workshop (private class, for parents and baby)